suit: “a set of clothes made of the same material”. the five was established in 2017 with the philosophy in mind that every woman needs that “go to” outfit in her closet. with our love for ‘ton sur ton’ we created a perfect suit; a trouser with a double breasted blazer, that you can wear any place, anytime. an outfit to make you look timeless and classy with an edge, without having to compromise on comfort.
we believe in five principles: 1. suits 2. handcrafted with care 3. high quality 4. limited quantities 5. all seasons proof.
to us a suit doesn’t have to consist of trousers and a blazer. that is why we have created multiple types of suits to fit any occasion. we put a lot of effort into making every piece unique, but also flattering for different body types. all of our fabrics are picked with care and have been locally sourced in amsterdam. to ensuxare the quality of our products, we don’t mass produce. we work together with a trusted local atelier where all of our clothing is handmade. it’s very important to us that we are able to closely oversee our production to make sure it’s up to our high standards. this also means more time is spent on every piece of clothing and our items are more exclusive.
at the five we put a lot of time and effort into creating collections that are high quality, classic and timeless. therefore we don’t feel the need to participate in the fast fashion industry. we organically create and drop new pieces and collections. instead of endlessly buying inexpensive, low quality clothing, it's always a much better idea to invest in a timeless, well-made piece. not only will you enjoy it forever, it's also much more sustainable.